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Hey there, and thanks for visiting my website here. You probably saw one of my videos and so you were directed to this site. For that I thank you.  If you arrived here by accident, great for you are in for a special treat today.

I’m not here to sell you a pipe dream and I’m definitely not here to brag about how much money I’ve made. I will prove to you that what I’m doing works and I will show you how it can work for you!

I’m not going to lie and tell you that this system will make you rich overnight, because it won’t. I don’t personally know you or your work ethic, so unfortunately I can’t promise how much money you’ll make. What I will tell you is that if you can follow my easy step by step system, you CAN potentially make an excellent income working in the comfort of your own home. Now don’t let that fool you for I earn my money from all over the United States.

As you will see, as long as you have access to a post office where you can mail your postcards, you can earn all the money you desire. But even that is not exactly the way it is for when you purchase my postcard marketing course, I let you in on all the different companies which will actually design, print, stamp, and actually mail out your postcards for you…and you do not lift anything heavier than your phone.

All I need you to do is get rid of the idea that all money making programs are scams and see this program for what it’s really worth.YOUR WAY OUT OF THE RAT – RACE!

Before we go any further I want to make something perfectly clear. I’m sick of all of the garbage on the internet and I know you are too. Before you start thinking that this is a scam.. I want you to know that Postcard Marketing is part of a Multi Billion Dollar Direct Mail Industry. This is a FACT! With that being said, you can feel rest assured this is a 100% LEGITIMATE INCOME OPPORTUNITY!

What I’m about to share with you is a step-by-step system that many people across the country are using to generate immediate cash flow right from their homes. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Sure I’d love to learn to make money working from home, but can I learn how to make money with this system? ABSOLUTELY! How soon and how much money you could make totally depends upon you and your efforts. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!



After learning and using the simple methods the program taught me, my life has changed dramatically. I don’t have to worry about a recession, company layoffs or inflationMy Life is No Longer Dictated By A Boss Or A Job! I Now Have Total Financial Freedom!

I’m not telling you this to brag or boast.I’m simply telling you this because I want you to know a little bit about myself and I want to let you know that you can do this too! There’s nothing “MAGICAL” about what I do.

This System Is The Real Deal!

“The Amazing Immediate Postcard Wealth System”

Immediate Postcard Wealth is an amazing step-by-step system that many people from across the country are using to generate immediate cash flow right from their own homes. This system can start making you money immediately for as long as you want. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions provided to you in our postcard marketing course. Very few people know about this honest, legitimate money making system. And believe me, this is NOT like anything you’ve ever seen before.


Just mail at least 100 postcards everyday and make money…It’s That Simple! The more postcards you mail the more money you will make. By following the simple step-by-step instructions included with your postcard marketing guide you can realistically start making money within the next 14 days. Heck, I was able to make a strong monthly residual income in a few weeks just doing exactly what the postcard marketing course told me to do. After using this system for myself, I’m totally convinced that ANYONE with a brain can learn to make money doing this. You can earn more money working part-time from home than most people earn working a full-time job.


When you begin mailing your postcards people will visit this website and when they decide to purchase they will pay you directly. The money will be MAILED directly to you and you will earn $98.  We will GIVE YOU THIS FREE website that isready to have people sending you $98 payments.  You will receive 100% of every sale you generate through your mailings!

Start earning $98 100% Commissions Over & Over Again!

Can You Mail Out Cheap Little Postcards From Home?

If You Answered YES!

You Can Make Money With Our System!


Can I Really Make This System Work?

Absolutely! Just mail out at least 100 postcards daily and start making money! It’s That Simple! By following the simple step-by-step instructions included with your postcard marketing guide you can start making some income within the next14 days! We’ll provide you with our profit pulling proven postcards, the perfect product, and access to our exclusive mailing list lead resources.

Very few people know about this honest, legitimate money making system.

You Get 100% Resell Rights To Our

“Instant Postcard Wealth Guide”

Once you become a member of our company you’ll receive access to our “Immediate Postcard Wealth Guide” e-book

 with complete resell rights. Our guide and online training course will teach you all our secret stratagies to become successful marketing any product or service using direct mail! You’ll also get paid $98.00 Payments for each and every sale you generate through your mailings.That’s 100% commission for each sale you make and there is no splitting

any profits with our company.

All Postcard Designs Will Be Supplied For You!

We’ll supply you with many of our proven postcard designs to print out from your home  computer and each postcard you mail is only 35 cents each. The information in this

guide is good as gold and will show you step by step how to successfully market any

product or service using direct mail.

Instant Product Delivery By Email

or Ship It To The Customer!

Whenever you make a sale you will mail a copy of the “Immediate Postcard Wealth Guide” E-book to the buying customer or email it to them.  You keep 100% of the profits! There is NO LIMIT to how many sales you can make.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount of money you can make from home will vary depending on how much effort you put into the program.

Remember No Action = No Results!

MAKING MONEY with direct mail is a numbers game and will depend on these 3 Major Key Elements below:

#1 Your product: We provide you with the perfect product that pays $98.00 Payments Over & Over Again!

#2 Your mailing list: We provide you with access to our exclusive mailing list lead resources. We receive anywhere from a 1-3% order buy rate!

#3 How many postcards can you mail daily: We provide you with our profit pulling postcard designs you can printout from your home computer and there’s NO LIMIT to how many postcards you can mail daily!

We arm you with all 3 of these key elements! Everything in place for you! Our proven postcards, the product, website and access to our mailing list leads. You will have access to our exact blue print to make a quiet fortune with direct mail! The more postcards you mail out, the more income potential you can make. Keep in mind this is NOT some “Get Rich Quick” scheme. This is a honest, legitimate, home based business that will require some work. As long as you can follow simple instructions, you can make money with our system.

Would You Like To Receive Multiple $98 Payments Over And Over Again?

MY FINAL THOUGHTS… Listen, it’s time for you to get out of that financial trouble you’re in. It’s time for you to begin making the money you’ve always dreamed about. It’s time you reach out for true financial independence. Now is your chance to gain complete time freedom. This is your chance to free yourself from your DEAD-END  job. If you turn your back on this opportunity to learn and prosper now, how and when do you ever expect things to change for the better in your life? JUST THINK ABOUT IT!

Your job will NEVER give you the opportunity to live the type of life you want to live. JOB stands for Just-Over-Broke! Don’t settle for what life has to offer you. Take control and make things happen for yourself.


Our Immediate Postcard Wealth System Only Cost $98.00 to get started!

That’s right! You can get started today for only $98.

I’m only looking to partner and work with serious people who want to learn and earn a strong monthly residual income! Let’s get serious folks… Where else can you start a legitimate home based business for this low price? Think about it this way. If you were to start a traditional business it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started and take months or even

years to make your initial investment back. You can get started with us today for only $98. What do you have to lose? It’s a no brainer guys! Take action and get started!


Here is what you receive!

  1. Our Instant Postcard Wealth Guide E-Book (manual)

 which will teach you everything you will need to know about  postcard marketing.  Sometimes referred to as our Immediate Postcard Wealth System.

FREE WEBSITE: You can work off line and  Make a Ton of Money just mailing postcards and selling the   “Postcard Wealth Guide” E-book).  We will provide 

THIS FREE WEBSITE for your buyers to go to and view the opportunity online.(Your postcard will have this Website Address on the Postcard). 

 They will then be instructed to mail you there $98.00 payment directly to you for the  “Postcard Wealth Guide Course”!  Once  you receive their payment you must mail them the  “Postcard Wealth Guide Course” by law since they paid for a product from  you.  It’s that simple!  Remember, you will have a copy of the course since you paid your $98.00 payment to receive the course  from me and to establish your own Home Based Business as a re-seller of this course.  This allows you and gives you the legal  right to be a re-seller of the course just like everyone else and work from home!


* I don’t have the money to get started…

* I don’t have the time…

* I don’t want to get burned again…

* This is too good to be true…

* I’m scared…

These are just lame excuses you can use to convince yourself why you shouldn’t get started learning today. Honestly, most people are just afraid of change and that fear is what stops them from achieving their lifetime dreams. Are you an excuse maker or are you ready to make it happen?



One, you can ignore this priceless information and forget you ever saw this website, and continue getting the same results you’ve been getting all of your life…


Two, you can take charge of your financial future and start making an excellent weekly income with our proven postcard system.  IT’S YOUR DECISION!


If you’re ready to start earning a staggering income within the next few days, make the decision to get started RIGHT NOW!

You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain!

FAST DELIVERY! Once you place your order online, within 24 hours you’ll receive in your E-mail or by mail, how ever you prefer, your Postcard Marketing Guide E-book and much more (read the bonus below).We want to get you started making money as soon as possible! If you ever have any questions please call the number on my postcard.

*Our “Postcard Wealth Guide” E-book (manual that will teach you everything you’ll need to know about postcard marketing.)  You can earn a Ton of Money (Like I do) just selling the “Postcard Wealth Guide” E-book alone!

*You get this FREE WEBSITE ready to start Making YOU Money!   People will send you $98.00 Payments to your mail box DAILY. (All you or anyone has to do to receive Money in your Mail Box is just mail out postcards and sell the “Postcard Wealth Guide” E-book).


*Many Proven Postcard Designs you can print out directly from your home computer.Access to our mailing list lead resources. We receive a 1-3% order buy rate from our HOT exclusive mailing list leads.


classified advertising websites to promote this business or any other business.   When you click on these advertising websites it gives you literally hundreds of cities and states to place your FREE ad to find potential customers.  We also provide FREE SAMPLES of successful classified ads you can use.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOWANYONE OR BOTHER FRIENDS OR RELATIVES, YOU’LL HAVE ALL THE BUYERS/CUSTOMERS YOU WILL NEED WITH  ALL THESE FREE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES!



You Have Nothing to Lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!





Once you place your order and upon receiving payment of your check, money order or cashier’s check your Postcard Marketing Guide E-Book  will be sent out within 24 hours.  Once you receive your Postcard Wealth Marketing Guide E-Book simply start  Making Tons of Money like many of our other members do and just mail postcards and send them to THIS WEBSITE and sell the Postcard Marketing Guide E-Book to others.  We want to get you started Making Money as soon as possible!​

*Terms Of Sale – The following policy has been implemented to protect everyone involved in this program including yourself. Due to the nature of the Instant Postcard We All Posts the business  and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a strict “NO REFUND” policy, which begins on the date of purchase. Daniel Kelson is the originator of this website for Instant Postcard Wealth!  If you would like a duplicated website like you see here (with your personal information and a PayPal Button) to also  market the Postcard Wealth Marketing Guide E-Book through the internet along with the option of mailing the postcards, simply call 863-944-1780.



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